Sublime Science: Teaching Kids the Wonders of Science

by Lucy Hagger

Looking for an exciting and truly unique kids part experience? Get in touch with Sublime Science! Some great names and institutions have been raving about Sublime Science, including the BBC, ITV, the Telegraph and more.

Having finished my degree at Imperial I came home for some well deserved time off in the sun. After a couple of weeks of stress-free living I could ignore my dwindling bank balance no longer and it was time to start looking for a job.

I had entered these holidays with no intention of getting right into a high-climbing, high-paying job; I really just wanted something to get me by; whether that be in the field of science or not. I had a search about, looking at working in retail, or a bar.. I was open to most things. However, on my search I stumbled across something that appeared to be my perfect job.

This certainly wasn’t what I was expecting, and seemed far too good to be true so I had a look at the details. The job is with an entertainment company called Sublime Science who work to get kids interested and involved in science. The position was as a presenter, which involved going to kids parties, schools, nurseries etc and doing a show full of awesome tricks and experiments.

A week or so later I was told that I had an interview which was amazing news. I went along and after a light drilling of questions I was told that I had the job. I couldn’t believe my luck; I had found the perfect job for me right now, just 3 weeks after leaving university and had successfully got the jobAs I plan on getting into a career in science communication this seemed like the perfect job to start that journey. I also love performance and have worked with kids before so the perks just kept coming. So obviously I quickly filled out the application form and waited to hear any news.


I got my training schedule in and today I attended my first session. The training basically involves going to see other presenters do their shows and each time taking over the show a little at a time until I run the whole shabang. got my Sublime Science tshirt and was told that my training schedule would be sorted asap. Obviously I was a very happy lady and decided to strut about the house in my new tshirt even if it was just the cat and my mum who were enjoying the show.

As today’s session was my first I simply had to go to a lovely 8 year old boy’s birthday party and enjoy the show! I think I loved it as much as the kids. From slime and sweet making to amazing science tricks and experiments, I almost forgot I was “working”.

The kids absolutely loved it, and so did the parents. I’m so glad something like this exists, getting kids excited about science rather than intimidated or bored.

Hopefully the rest of my training will go well and I’ll soon be running my own show with Sublime Science. If you have kids or work in a school/ nursery etc you must get in contact with Sublime Science and book a party! In a few weeks time it might even be me coming round and making slime.